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Paralyzed Motocross Rider is Making History

OSA Soccer Camps

Watch the Inspiring Story of Darius Glover.

Darius Glover's goal is to win a national title.  He is the first paraplegic motocross racer to compete in the Amateur National Series.  He is one race away from qualifying for the National Championship later this summer.

At 15 Darius suffered a life changing crash during a race that left him without the use of his legs. He said the first thing the
doctor told him was that he would never
be able to ride again.  Darius simply responded, "You are wrong."  He spent the next year in a hospital bed dreaming about making his answer a reality.

His family helped him build a customized bike, and he relearned how to ride without using his legs for balance and support.  Learning how to ride again has not been the only obstacle keeping him from competing.  He also had to fight for his eligibility to ride in the Amateur National Series as a paraplegic. 

Despite the adversity, Darius still has an infectious smile and positive outlook on life. 

When people say they feel sorry for him Darius replies, "I don't know why you feel sorry for me.  I still do more things than most people who can use their legs."  Darius knows he is here for a reason, for a purpose.  He is never going to stop loving life, chasing his dreams and inspiring others along the way.

You can visit Ride with Darius to learn more about his charity Live and Learn.

Believe in it® Athlete Spotlight


This week's Believe in it® Athlete spotlight is Tori Christ.  Tori's "it" was to play professional soccer. Through hard work and the Believe in it® Attitude Tori recently signed her first professional contract to play for Vasteras BK30 in Sweden.  Congrats Tori and best of luck! 

Motivational Quote

"The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible." - Richard M. DeVos