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Believing in Billy

OSA Soccer Camps

Billy Kennady, a college basketball coach, had just taken his dream job at Texas A&M in 2011. Billy's life was filled with excitement, anxiousness and uncertainty leading up the start of his first season. Then he received the news that would change his life forever.

Early onset Parkinson's disease. There is no cure. 

Billy's first reaction was fear. Fearful about what would happen to his kids and wife if he could no longer coach. The weeks that followed were tough. Billy said, "It wasn't the Parkinson's that got me, it was the thought of it".

Watch how the power of belief helped Coach Billy and his team make history this year!

Having Parkinson's disease is out of Coach Billy's control, but in the beginning he let the thought of the disease control his life. Five years later, he is still living with the disease but he is no longer letting it control his life.

All our lives are affected by circumstances out of our control. What we can always control is how we choose to react. Reactive positive and keep working hard to achieve your "it".

Believe in it® Spotlight

This week's Believe in it® Spotlight is Polly Gorin.

She is from Oakland, CA and is wearing her #Believeinit apparel while she cooks dinner! 

Thanks for being a Believe in it® Customer Polly. 

Motivational Quote

“What happens is not as important as how you react to what happens”. 
- Thaddeus Golas