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Dogs lend a helping paw to save..

OSA Soccer Camps

..other dogs!!  It is not always a dog eat dog world.


This week's feel good story is about doggie blood donors. Just like us humans, dogs also need blood transfusions to survive operations. Fortunately, doggie heroes come to the rescue during times of need.

My favorite part of this video is how proud the dog's mom (human mom) is that her dog is able to help save lives. Good deeds come in all shapes and sizes and in this case it is a cute, four legged furry one. 

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Believe in it® Spotlight

This week's Believe in it® Spotlight is Glenn and Payton Dally.  They wore their #Believeinit shirts during a charity run in Sugarland, TX for Huntington's Disease. 

Thanks for being Believe in it® Athletes!

Motivational Quote

"A river cuts through rock,
not because of its power
but its persistence."

Be patient and enjoy the process of
working hard to achieve your "it".  

Small improvements daily = big improvements over time!