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Small Act of Kindness Felt ACROSS the World

OSA Soccer Camps


How far can a small act of kindness travel?  If you ask Chris Rosati he will tell you around the world.  Chris has ALS which has left him in a wheel chair and is taking away his ability to speak.  This did not stop Chris from dedicating the rest of his life to making the world a better place!

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect?  It is a physics concept that states a butterfly flapping its wings could create a hurricane on the other side of the world (in theory).  This is what lead Chris to ask the question, just how far can a single act of kindness travel? 

Find out how his act of kindness traveled
across the world here!

When Chris was asked what he would do now that he has proven the Butterfly Effect. He said, "Oh man, you get a whole lot of butterflies to flap their wings." 

Every action you make carries with it the potential to become something great.  It is easy to overlook how powerful of an impact our actions can have on this world. Often it is the smallest of actions that have the biggest affect on those who need them. 

- Story provided by CBS News

Believe in it® Spotlight


This week's Believe in it® Athlete Spotlight is Lauren O'Nan.  She is rockin her #Believeinit shirt in Rosemary Beach, FL for a bachelorette Party.  Thanks for being a Believe in it® Athlete Lauren!

Motivational Quote

"We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone." - Ronald Reagan