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Surprise Scholarship for Walk-on Trevor Sweeney

OSA Soccer Camps

Trevor Sweeney is a junior on the Division I Western Michigan Broncos Football team. Trevor turned down Division II offers to be a walk-on for the team he grew up cheering for. It took him years to go from the scout team in practice to the Special Team's leader on the field.

At the end of a practice he was surprised with a full ride scholarship for his hard work.  The way he received the news could not have been executed any better.  Well played Broncos, well played.

Coach P.J. Fleck said, "It's that simple. He shows it every single day and he's consistent. He's way past deserving of this."

Trevor said it wasn't about earning a scholarship, "I just wanted to play. The biggest thing for me was about the team. How could I help the team out?".

Like Trevor, we don't always know when the reward will come for our hard work.  If this story is an example of anything, it is that you can be confident the wait will be worth the reward. 

Keep believing in your "it" and putting in the hard work it takes to achieve your goal.  

Watch the 2 minute video released by the Broncos here!

Believe in it® Spotlight


This week's Believe in it® Athlete Spotlight is Allison Schenk.  She is wearing her #Believeinit shirt while watching her daughter Sydney's championship soccer game.  Thanks for being a Believe in it® Athlete Allison!

Motivational Quote

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an
unbeatable combination for success.”
– Napoleon Hill