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Can I get another Believe in it® bracelet if the one that I received with my order does not fit?
Yes, you can but please understand we only have three sizes of bracelets; small, medium and large.  

Small bracelet is 5.9 inches in circumference.
Medium bracelet is 7 inches in circumference.
Adult bracelet is 7.75 inches in circumference.

As as reference our founder is 5'10" and 160 pounds and he wears a medium bracelet. Most kids 10 and under wear a small bracelet. 

If you would like a different size please email your full name, order number and what you size bracelet you want.

We will be happy to mail you a new one for free. Shipping is free too!

Do you charge sales tax?
We only charge sales tax if you reside in or are having your item(s) shipped to the state of Nevada and Louisiana.